Why does one need a Personal Dietitian?

Why does one need a Personal Dietitian?

Why does one need a Personal Dietitian?

We eat and we eat and we eat. But are we eating the right components? We eat what are grandparents, parents and friends eat do you think that is the ideal situation? Our body gains nutrition from what we consume daily and the necessity of nutrients varies from person to person. A common man is not well informed about the various nutrients his body needs and tends to overlook the situation and does not understand the importance of consumption of the right nutrients.

And this is exactly why Nutritionists exist. A Nutritionist is trained personnel who are capable to understand every unique body and allot the necessary nutrients accordingly. Nutritionist curate personalized nutrition plans for the clients depending upon their age, gender, height, weight, lifestyle, allergies and other aspects. Customization is essential to gain the optimum health and weight status.

The diet plan made by the diet consultant is made by keeping in mind factors such as culture, religion, staple food. Clients have different physiological conditions. For.eg. a pregnant lady requires different nutrients than a lady who is not pregnant.

Other factors such as personal physical health, frequency of exercise and fitness matters while deciding the personal nutrition plan. The diet consultant puts together many factors and then decides the amount and type of nutrient that each client requires. For.eg the diet for a sportsman is completely different than that of an ordinary human. The nutritionist will make sure that the meals are filled with energy and protein giving ingredients.

Factors like money, time also play major role in the level of nutrients we consume via our meals. If the income band is low, people usually settle to eat what fits in their budget and nutritious food takes a back seat. If an individual is always running late and has no time to cook proper meals, he or she ends up eating something quick and unhealthy. For.eg Many youngsters consume maggi as a meal when they are late or are extremely exhausted and don’t want to cook.

This when done once in a blue moon is acceptable but when becomes a routine is threatening to the body in the long term.

Some individuals have higher or lower tendency to absorb certain nutrients. Such people require the guidance of a nutritionist to incorporate similar equivalent nutrient giving via other ingredients which the client is adaptable too. For.eg. for those who are lactose or gluten intolerant the dietician has to be very careful while making meal plans.

The Nutritionist has to make sure that the following points are considered and covered while making a personalized diet plan:

  • The meals must satisfy the daily nutrients demand of the body.
  • Consider economic status of the client.
  • Understand the daily habits of the client.
  • Personal likes and dislikes.
  • Food availability

A generic Diet chart is not suitable for everybody. As each individual is different so is his need of nutrients. If you work towards nutrition today it will work for you tomorrow.  

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